The Priming Experiment

There are so many different primers on the market that it is hard to choose which one is best.  So I decided to set up a little experiment (in addition to my article on priming).

I have primed (or not) various bits of scrap aluminium (from Vans Aircraft) to the same standard as I have on my aircraft build.  I screwed them to a block of wood so that the metal suffers maximum moisture exposure from the woods water retention and left the whole piece on the roof of my green house at the mercy of the elements.

Every 3 months I plan to take a photo so that I can track the progress of corrosion over a long period of time.

Experiment Start: 1st August 2015

The Vans Aircraft Priming Experiment

1st November 2015 (3 months later)

Vans Aircraft RV priming

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