Riveted aft deck and parts to fuselage

Now that the parts have dried it was time to assemble them for the last time. I started with the elevator bellcrank. Once rivetted together I assembled the parts to make sure I had everything.

Next I riveted the F-656 Gussets that add strength to the bulkheads.

Then on to riveting the forward gussets that sit up front against the firewall.

Then I riveted the rudder cable exit fairings.

Finally I riveted the aft deck and checked levels to make sure nothing drastic had changed since it was last levelled.

It’s soon going to be time to install the static ports. Vans have supplied a pair of very large blind rivets which you are supposed to set 3/4 of the way and then knock the middle out. I’ve also got some that came as part of the Dynon Pitot Static upgrade kit. Before deciding which ports to use I thought I’d weigh them both. As you can see the Dynon upgraded one on the left is almost 10 times heavier that the ones Vans supplies.

In addition I have read on the forums that the profile of the Dynon static tube can cause inaccuracies in the altitude readings it gives.

So I’ve decided to stick with the good ol’ Vans supplied rivets. I’ve ordered a few spares so I can have a go at knocking the middle out. Not today though as that’s all for this week.

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