Riveted aft aft skin, fitted seat belt anchors, started ADAHRS bracket and floor pans

The build instructions miss out lots of information. I suppose Van’s couldn’t write every little detail or the instructions would be huge. An example of that is when to rivet the top skins on. Looking through the plans it does tell you when NOT to do it but not when it should be rivetted on.

So after lots of deliberation I decided that I could mount the first of the two aft skins without too much consequence. So first I cleco clamped the skin in place.

Then I climbed inside the fuselage to buck the rivets while my dad was on the rivet gun. The smile on my face was soon lost once I tried to get OUT of this space! My goodness that was a challenge!

While inside I decided now would be a good time to permanently fit the seatbelt anchor brackets. So they were bolted in place and torqued to the correct specs.

Next I started the ADAHRS bracket. This is a new part that vans have recently offered. As it’s made by Van’s for this aircraft I figured why not. So I deburred it, clamped it in place and match drilled all the necessary holes as per the OP drawing and instructions.

With a bit more time spare this week I decided to fit the floor pans in place. I’m pretty sure these are all match drilled already from when the fuselage was upside down but I wanted to triple check. Pilot side first.

Then the passenger side. I checked all the holes and sure enough they were all done. I also fitted the baggage side panels and checked those too.

That’s all for this week. It definitely feels good to be back on it.

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