Preparing the pitot mast

The Garmin AoA is pre drilled and pre tapped. However, the mounting mast isn’t drilled so I need to drill it. The problem is that the AoA fits inside the mount so there is no way for me to know where to drill while the AoA is in the mount. Here is a picture of the pitot in place, where are the holes?

Surprise, their right here…

This calls for some engineering! I found the thinnest aluminium sheet I could find and cut two strips. I drilled them and shaped them then riveted them together to make hole finder tool.

I dimpled the end of the tool and loosly placed a small rivet in the hole to make sure the tool would lock into the screw holes of the AoA while I drilled.

Once lined up I carefully drilled the hole with a number 40 bit and the enlarged it il to a no 27 hole for an AN507-6R6 countersunk screw.

Once that was done I repeated the process for the other holes and countersunk the new holes so the screws would sit flush.

Two hours work but the results are fab. I’m very pleased.

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