Garmin Wiring Parts List Cheat Sheet

I’m using this page to collate all the parts needed to wire a Garmin G3X Touch system.


Garmin recommend

Unshielded: M22759/16 aka MIL-W-22759/16

Shielded: M27500-xxTG aka MIL-C-27500

Single Conductor (22 AWG unless otherwise specified)M22759/16 hookup wire
M22759/34 airframe wire
55A0111 Single Walled
55A0811 Dual Walled
Shielded WireM27500 containing M22759/16 or 34

Reference for the differences:


Ring Terminals (#8 Screw for Back Shell)

18-22 AWG Single WireMS25036-149
14-16 AWG or Two 18-22 AWG WiresMS25036-153
10-12 AWG or Three 18-22 AWG WiresMS25036-156

Note: It is preffered to have 2 wires per ring terminal and use -153 ring terminal (Page 25-4). However a maximum of 3 wires per ring terminal are allowed. A maximum of 2 ring terminals (6 wires) per screw fixing are allowed. If the backshell still does not have sufficient capacity use the daisy chain method for the drain wires (page 25-13).



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