More work on the forward fuselage

Now that the fuselage was upright I could start working on various bits and pieces. First was the forward gussets that strengthen the join between the firewall and longerons.

The problem was that the angle of these gussets didn’t match the fuselage.

So I emailed Van’s who said it would be fine to clamp it down and drill it. So that’s what I did.

Next on the list was to figure out how the static tubing would go through the bulkhead. Researching other builder logs I decided to do as others did and drill a 1/2″ hole in the left side of the bulkhead.

Next up I fitted and match drilled the side rails to the fuselage.

And also did the shoulder strap harness mounting plates.

Finally I started on the Elevator bellcrank assembly.

Althought it’s been a lot of little bits and pieces it’s still great to be working on the fuselage the right way up.

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