Materials Used

For the record, here is a list of materials I’ve used during my build. Building an RV is all about making our own choices. After much research of the industry, other builders projects and my own thoughts here are the items I settled on for my project.


PolyFiber 310 (cleaning fluid mixed 250ml/5L)

PR30b Wash Primer (bonding coat)

PR143 Epoxy Primer (sealant layer)

Acid #8 Etch Primer (small parts and touch ups)


Fuel Tank Sealant




Amphenol BNC Plug (31-326) / Sockets (31-326)


Not used yet, but may be useful later…

Cable conduit sleeving

Nylon 300 degree Fahrenheit max
Polyethylene 200 degree Fahrenheit max
Fibreglass sleeving 1000 degree Fahrenheit max

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