Match drill the aft skins

Finished making the elevator bellcrank parts and prepped them for priming.

Next was the longeron to bulkhead support gussets.

Which needed deburring and then mounting to the fuselage. Once clamped in place everything could be match drilled.

With that done it was time to slide the j-stringers into place and fit both aft skins onto the fuselage.

Then it was time to match drill every hole through both skins and the j-stringers. The only gotcha here is to make sure the holes align with the centre line of the stringers.

After what felt like a million holes drilled all the match drilling was done. I then fabricated the angle bracket as per the plans and attached that to the central rib and bulkhead.

With that done guess what? Yep, it all has to come apart to be prepped for priming.

All the new parts were removed and deburred, dimpled, edged and scuffed for primer.

The final job of the week was to make some rudder cable exit fairings. These fairings are available for sale as pre-made items but I also found some plans online for making them. As I had some spare aluminium exactly the right thickness I thought, why not?

This is how it’s going to look on the fuselage when fitted and should easily give an extra kt or two!

So a good week with lots of progress. Hopefully more of the same next week.

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