Match drill main skins & begin disassembling

So after much staring at the fuselage & plans & fuselage & plans & fuselage & plans I was pretty convinced that I had done everything I needed to do before I finally match drilled the skins.

Once I’d finished match drilling the main skins there really was nothing else left to do apart from disassembling.

Why disassemble after all this work? Well, numerous reasons.

  1. Deburring – Where two parts are drilled together bits of metal get stuck in between pushing those parts away from each other. This stops a good fit and also can cause metal fatigue.
  2. Preparing for Priming – Removing the parts makes it much easier to sand the edges of the metal and scuff the metal for priming.
  3. Cleaning & Degreasing – Oils from the blue plastic, my hands and the compressor all leave a residue which will stop primer and paint adhering.
  4. Priming – As the UK is a notourisouly damp place priming helps prevent water getting access to the metal.

There are other reasons but they’re the main ones. So, first it’s off with the floor stiffners. Debur, edge and scuff.

Then the same for the floor skin.

That’s all I have time for this week. I’m excited and nervous about dismantling everything. Why do I have a nagging voice in my head that I’ve missed something?!

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