Make another rudder fairing and wash some parts

The thing with building the fuselage is that you usually have to do everything twice. The first time takes an age while you figure out how to do it and the second time it’s a breeze. With that in mind I had the headspace to take photos when creating the second rudder exit fairing. So here you go: First, cut the right shape out of the correct thickness sheet metal and mark the lines as needed. I ‘tweaked’ my lines a little so they didn’t interfere with any of the rivets or screw holes already on the fuselage…

Then carefully bend the sheet along the lines…

When doing that try not to overtighten the vice and break it in half! Like this…

Then offer it up to the fuselage and drill the holes. Don’t forget to align it with the fuselage so it looks nice.

Oh and remember to check inside the fuselage for anything that might interfere.

Then stand back and admire the rudder exit fairings on either side of the fuselage (as seen from the very back.

Why bother going to all this trouble? I think they look nice. It should protect the rudder cables a bit and prevent some of the water getting in the fuselage when it’s washed. Oh and I really enjoyed making it. That’s why!

Back to the humdrum of building, it was time to wash and prep all the parts for priming. Nothing to report here, pretty much the same as the last gazillion parts that have been through this process!

More parts…

And that’s it for this week.

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