Made another gusset

Remember the gussets I made last month? Well one fitted nicely and worked out well, but the second one I really wasn’t happy with. I just couldn’t get a good fit.

So after some internal debate I decided to make a new one. The second one was much better and I was much happier.

The next tricky task was to fit the gusset and match drill it. That involved clamping the gusset to the firewall and bending the skin back so I could get the angle drill in there.

Once the vertical holes were drilled and put the skin back in place and match drilled the horizontal holes in the gusset using the skin as a guide.

Eventually, both gussets were finished and done. Except I noticed at the end of the session I’d forgotten the nutplates that fit around the centre of those gussets. Oh well, I’ll do those another day.

That’s all for this week.

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