‘Laundry list’ of tasks and compressor fixed!

So at this point in the plans it says ‘before you continue there is a laundry list of items to complete’.

The trouble is, that’s pretty much the end of the laundry list. So, what is there to do? How do I know what I need to do?

To find out I studied the plans in intense detail looking for anything I may have missed. I enlarged some of the smaller holes as per the drawings.

Then I had to decide where to put holes for the things that aren’t on the plans. Such as the AoA tubing and autopilot wiring.

Once again, it was very difficult to know where best to put the holes without fitting the wing and wiring. So, a trip up to the local farm strip to see Richard and his flying RV-7 was in order. It’s hard to see from this picture but it really does help seeing how he ran his plumbing and wiring.

When I returned I was greeted with a small envelope in the mail. Yep, it was a new valve for the compressor. Hooza, compressor is now working again!

So I spent the rest of the week looking for bits I’d missed, marking up what to dimple and, more importantly, what not to dimple.

I did spot one item I’d missed on the rear fuselage, a small joint plate. Tricky to do while the fuselage was assembled but nothing a paper template and some imagination couldn’t solve.

There is the drawing on paper.

Transposed to metal.

Cut out, match drilled and dimpled. I’m pretty pleased with those.

Next was to finish off prepping as much of the baggage area as possible too.

That’s it for this weeks instalment. I still have a nagging doubt that I’ve missed something so I’m off to read some other builders logs for inspiration.

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