LAA Aviation Wiring Course

Today I attended the LAA electrical wiring course at Turweston Aerodrome. Lucky for me it’s only about 45 minutes from my home so nice and easy to get to.

I have quite a lot of self-taught automotive wiring experience so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from this course. The facilities for the course turned out to be excellent. It’s in a modern building with fully fitted workbenches and top quality tools.

The course itself was well structured with a logical flow as I had hoped. The course starts by talking about different types of wires and connectors and then there is a practical exercise. That formed the structure of the day, learn and do, until finally we had wired up a small wooden plane with a switch, breaker and battery.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I’m very pleased I attended. It gave me the confidence to know what is acceptable and what isn’t. The biggest lesson I learnt on this course, however, is that expensive tools are well worth the money.

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