Fitted pitot controller and Autopilot servo

I’ve had all this bits for the pitot and autopilot servo out on the workbench for a few weeks now. We finished work a bit earlier today so I found myself with a few spare hours and I couldn’t resist fitting the parts to the wing.

The wing has a series of bays. Some of those bays have inspection panels for inspecting the aircraft each year. One of those bays has the Aileron Bellcrank in and some people put their AoA/pitot controller there too. I decided to put mine in the next bay along. However, there is no access panel in that bay so it would be impossible to get a screwdriver in there in the future. So I decided to fit some nut plates to the pitot/AoA controller so that I could screw the controller from the access bay and remove it in future if need be. Nothing complicated, drilled nutplates, riveted nutplates and fitted to the rib.

Next I fitted the Garmin GSA 28 autopilot servo to the right wing. This was like a classic mechano set, lots of metal parts, some nuts, bolts and washers. After a bit of head scratching I got it all fitted.

I had quite a lot of difficulty fitting the brass bushing inside the white bellcrank. The first thing I noticed is that one of the bolts was bowed. Luckily, I had a spare so I replace that. Then I noticed that the brass bushing was fouling inside the bellcrank. A bit of sandpaper wrapped around a brill bit fixed that too!

I know I will need to dismantle the main arm between the autopilot servo and the bellcrank but at least all the parts are off the workbench and safe for the time being.

Not many pictures today’s but that was still nearly 3 hours (fun) work!

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