Fit lower longerons

Longeron is a funny word. I’ve heard it used many times before and, until I started making them for the aircraft, I was never really sure what it actually meant. So I Googled it…

In engineering, a longeron and stringer is the load-bearing component of a framework.

For my aircraft it basically refers to the aluminium angles that form part of the aircraft structure. There is one long one that runs from tip of the tail to the firewall, and there are a bunch of others on the fuselage itself.

In this picture you can see 4 of the longerons (silver angles running from the firewall backwards.

That was basically todays work. Finding angles, filing them to fit.

Match Drilling them to the skins and firewall brackets.

Oh and I made a Gusset too.

Overall, not bad progress this week.

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