First fit rudder pedals and brake master cylinders

So here is the assembled fuselage sat on saw horses upside down.

And here is a shiny new delivery of a Beringer Brake system…

Todays job was to fit the pedals I made last time and the Beringer brakes into the fuselage. To do that first I needed to drill and fit the mounting blocks for the rudder system.

Those black lines were way too difficult to see in the dark of the fuselage so… brainwave…

Once the block were ready, I did a test fit on the workbench.

Looking good. As you can see, I cable tied the pedals the a piece angle on each side to dead centre the assembly then fitted and back drilled the pedals.

Once the pedals were mounted to the assembly I fitted the whole lot into the fuselage and also fitted the supporting bracket in the centre.

Here they are; mounting blocks, pedals, brake master cylinders and centre bracket.

Beautiful. Shame it all has to come out again for the next stage.

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