Crotch Brackets & Seat Ribs

So now the centre fuselage parts are all primed and cured it is time to fit start final assembly of those parts. I started by riveting the nutplates and doublers onto the cutout for the control sticks. This cut out makes it possible to fit and service the control sticks once this area is all fully assembled.

I also decided to top coat the crotch strap brackets with white Plastikoat. This stuff is really hard wearing and given that I expect the straps to rub over time due to vibration I thought it was best to give these parts the best possible coating. I only top coated the visible and wearing parts though to save weight.

Once the top coat was dried I started final assembly of the seat ribs and crotch strap brackets by riveting the brackets to the ribs and then the ribs to the main spar.

That was a good start to the seat ribs. Like various other builders I started with these ribs to make it easier to solid rivet the brackets and to make access to the other ribs easier.

That’s it for this weeks work sessions.

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