Continued riveting fuselage centre section

This weeks work was split into lots of different sessions working on the same section, riveting the fuselage centre section.

I decided to work in small sections and set small goals, like riveting the ribs to the main (gold) spar first, then working on the centre baggage ribs outward with the seat back spar in place.

Once that was done I cleco’d on all the skin, marked what should NOT be riveted at this stage. That was the centre section skin ready to rivet but there is no way I can rivet this alone.

So I asked my Dad to help. He was on the gun and I was on a wheely mechanics trolley with the bucking bar from the other side. Once again, good communication is key here. He would say ‘On It’ when the gun was in place and then I would say ‘ready’ when the bucking bar was in place. He would then give it a short burst with the gun. That method was taught to me by another builder and works really well when two people are working together.

After a couple of sessions we managed to get the entire skin riveted in place and on the bench upright ready for the next phase. I couldn’t resist popping the seat trays on though to check that everything was square. It was.

Overall, quite a productive and rewarding week.

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