Bend fuselage skins & drill longerons

This week I focused on more fuselage work. The first task was to fit the huge skins to the center fuselage section but to do that the skins needed bending at the aft intersection to follow the contour of the fuselage.

After much research on the net I finally felt confident enough to make a start. I clamped the skin to the workbench and a piece of scrap aluminium. Then I drilled and cleco’d another scrap piece of ali.

Then carefully and methodically I coaxed the skin round to roughly the right shape.

Once it was pretty close I then offered it up to the fuselage and checked. It took several iterations before I was happy with the fit.

Once one side was done I repeated all the above with the other side and then cleco’d the lot to the rest of the fuselage.

Now that was done the next job on this weeks list was to match drill the longerons to the fuselage. Pretty boring stuff and nothing to get too excited over. I simply started at the back of the fuselage and drilled every hole… one… at… a… time!

I decided to stop drilling at the front section because I wanted to get accurate alignment of the longerons. To do that I would need to start building to forward fuselage.

That’s it for this weeks installment.

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