Auxiliary Longerons

I managed to sneak into the workshop today for a bit of longeron fun. Last time I forgot to take so many pictures so this session I am trying harder.

First I found the main auxiliary longeron and trimmed the end as per the plans. Marked a centre line and match drilled it. Also did the same the other side.

Next it was time to make 2 attach brackets. I love making parts from basic stock metal like this. First get some standard aircraft aluminium angle.

Cut 2 pieces to off at the described lengths.

Next, carefully study the plans a million, billion times and then mark and trim the parts.

Drill holes in the right places.

Et voila! Suddenly we have aircraft parts.

Next job was to find some more aluminium angle. These ones have had a ‘joggle’ on the end done by the factory. So all I had to do was draw a centre line and match drill and cleco these to the skins.

Then I used the parts I made earlier to join the silver longeron to the yellow/green firewall angle.

Finally I just needed to back drill through the part I made to the longeron and firewall angle.

Overall, a fun day in the workshop working on the structure that strengthens the fuselage.

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