8.9.1 & 2 Match drill & debur F-711 Bulkhead

The past few bulkheads have been single parts but the F-711 bulkhead was a bit more complicated. I started by finding the two bulkheads and clecoing then together back to back. Next I found the aluminium bar and cut it down to length. I then marked a centre line on the bars and the lowest drill hole as per the plans. I drilled the bottom hole on each bar and then clecod it to the bulkhead assembly. Using the centre line I drew earlier I lined up the bars with the predrilled holes in the bulkhead and back drilled the remianing holes.

Once that was done I fabricated the to support angle but I wasn’t happy with my first attempt. I had cut it too short so I made another. The second attempt was much better. I clamped it in place and then back drilled that using the bulkhead and bars as guides.

Once that was all done I removed the cut out as per the instructions but forgot to take any pictures afterwards.

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