8.6.8 + 10 Drill flap bearing and debur F-705 parts

More work on the F-705 bulkhead this afternoon starting with the flap bearing. This plastic part holds the flap bar but comes without holes for the bolts. It needs measuring and marking as per the plans. Spot the mark…

Once marked I then clamped it to the desk along with the drill guide and drilled one hole in each of the two blocks.

Once the first hole in each block was drilled I then bolted it to the F-705 vertical spars and back drilled the second hole. Next I drilled and dimpled the holes for the nutplates.

Then I spent the rest of the session deburring all the parts of F-704 & F-705 bulkheads. Man that’s a lot of parts!

That’s all for today’s session.

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