8.6.2 & 3 F-705 Drill seat belt attach points and fabricate brackets

My son Jake joined me in the workshop today so I set him the task of sorting through the bags of rivets that’s came with the fuselage that I hadn’t gotten round to putting away in their pots yet. It was fun watching him work out all the part number conventions.

While he was sorting the rivets I worked on the seat belt attach brackets. These are steel powder coated brackets almost fully prepped except they’re missing the hole for the bolt that attaches them to the spar. The drawings mark out exactly where to drill the left hand brackets. The bracket is then bolted to the spar and then the right bracket is clamped to the left bracket and then drilled. It is said that you can never have enough clamps and that was certainly true this afternoon.

I had so many clamps on this this I could hardly move. After a while I had all seat belt brackets drilled.

Next the instructions have you trim a few of the steel brackets to clear other rivets. So I did.

Next I countersunk holes for the rivets that sat under the outer most bracket.

And finally I fabricated the two F-705G brackets.

That’s all for today.

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