8.6.1-2 F-705 lower section

The drawing for bulkhead F-705 mentions some aluminium bar but I couldn’t find the part I needed anywhere so when that happens there is only one thing for it. A bloody good sort out and reorganisation.

All the parts on the storage shelves were pretty much as they came out for the shipping crate with no real order to them. So today I started my session by taking each part off the shelf and putting it back in part number order. I now have all parts in numerical order and a well organised pile of stock to make other parts from. That made it much easier to find the aluminium bar I needed.

The bar needed to be cut to a precise measurement so that was the next task. Measure, measure, measure, cut…

Next, the instructions say “clamp everything together and match drill”. Sadly, it’s nowhere near that simple so I took some time to think about the best approach. I decided to build the assembly up in layers starting with just the bar and bottom spar. I used the prepunched holes in the spar to match drill the bar only as far as the next part. Then I located the next part and drilled a single hole as per the dimensions on the drawing. I clecod the part on to the bar and spar and then match drilled the remaining holes.

Once everything was match drilled I made two spacers as required on the plans. Next I dismantled everything and shaped the reinforcement bar according to the drawings.

A fun session today.

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