8.5.9 Rivet F-704 together

Today I wanted to rivet the second of the two bulkheads that I had primed last week. There weren’t as many parts on this F-704 as there were on the F-705 but it still took quite a while to get it done.

One of the steps in the instructions is to assemble to control stick fit it and then disassemble it. This seems a total waste of time at this point so I will leave that step until much later in the project.

After riveting the parts on I then riveted the uprights on as well. It wasn’t too difficult but took a long time because I checked the plans over and over again to make sure I didn’t rivet anything I shouldn’t have or put any parts on upside down! The finished product looks pretty awesome.

Both of these gold bulkheads bolt together to create one bulkhead and then forms part of the seat and the frame of the aircraft and is where the wings bolt on to.

I think there are 9 different bulkheads in total including the firewall. That’s 3 done and 6 to go. Thankfully they get easier from now on I think/hope!

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  1. Abe, following with great interest – currently gutting my garage to build the workshop to build the RV-7… would be good to hear any advice. Trying to connect with the RVUK yahoo group The RV Squadron but no joy so far… Ian

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