8.12.5-11 Assemble aft fuselage

The first job of this session was to finish off the tailwheel skin trimming. On checking I wasn’t 100% happy with the clearance of the skin to the tail spring mount so I filed a bit more. I also opened up the forward hole to allow access to the nut that holds the spring in the mount.

Once I was happy with the tailwheel skin and mount it was time to start on the ‘fun part’ (actual words from the instructions!). First I laid out two saw horses.

Next I located the aft fuselage bottom skin and clecod on the F-708 & F-709 bulkheads and bottom J-Stiffeners.

Next I loosely placed the upper J-Stiffeners and clecod on the right side skin.

Then the left side skin.

Now I clecod the F-706, F-710, F-711 & F-712 bulkheads in place.

I tell you what the instructions weren’t wrong, that really was fun and it looks so awesome!

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