8.12.12-13 Drill top J Stiffeners

Motivated by my earlier session I spent the rest of the afternoon building the Aft fuselage. Instructions insist on removing any twist from the fuselage before drilling the stiffeners. I tried to do this with the fuselage the right way up but I soon realised it was much easier to make sure it was square by turning it over. I then put a plumb bob line at each end of the fuselage and used the tooling holes on the aft bulkheads to ensure that the string was centered over both holes. On the front bulkhead it was not so easy so I centered a ruler over the pushrod hole and aligned the plumb string with the tooling holes.

And the rear bulkhead…

Once I was sure that the fuselage was square I aligned the centre line I drew previously on the stiffeners with the pre-punched holes and then drilled the upper stiffeners to the structure on both left and right sides.

That’s all for today.

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