8.11.1-4 Cut & mark longerons

I couldn’t put it off any longer, those longerons needed to by cut. I brought home another tape measure from work to make sure sure sure there was no mistake. I also recruited my son to come and double check the plans and the measurement marks.

While reading one of the builders blogs earlier in the week I noticed they had a small chop saw so I couldn’t resist and treated myself to one too. I am delighted I did, it arrived perfectly set up and cut through the longeron like butter. I’m very pleased with it.

Once cut I checked the measurement again…

I’m pleased with the cut, a bit of filing will trim that to perfection but I’ll wait until much later in the project to do that. Next I marked the longerons for left and right and forward too. Then I trimmed the aft ends of the longerons as per the plans.

Finally I marked the bend location along with marks at every inch to help with the bending process.

That’s all for today. I’ll do the bend another time.

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