8.1.1 Fuselage Arrives!

I received an understated email two days ago from the import handlers that said ‘Your delivery will be made on Friday 6th April’. Yay, finally after 5 months of waiting the fuselage is finally on its home run.

Of course, I would have to take the day off work but I didn’t want to waste the day so I decided to prime the Flap components while I waited for the delivery. The problem was that I could not hear the doorbell from my workshop so, like any good RV builder, I came up with a solution.

I found an old IP CCTV camera lying around at work so I decided to hook that up looking out across the driveway. I then setup a laptop in the workshop and had the feed from the camera on the screen. Now, I can prime the parts and wait for the delivery at the same time. High fives all round!

Soon after starting the priming I spotted a giant delivery truck filling the CCTV screen…

I ran the length of the garden with toddler like excitement, it was all my Christmases at once! Thankfully this truck had a forklift so we didn’t need to manhandle the crate off the truck.

He plonked the crate directly onto my garden trailer for me, bonus.

All that was left to do was fire up the lawn mower to tow the trailer to the workshop. Unfortunately, after a long hard winter, the mower died shortly after starting up. A quick investigation found that the fuel pipe had split. Urgh! Luckily I had some spare 1/4″ tubing lying around that should do the job and soon had the mower up and running. I hooked up the trailer and towed the crate to the workshop.

Now that the crate was at the workshop doors I thought I’d try moving it into the workshop alone. Big mistake. This crate is a lot heavier than it looks. Before I could ring around for help my Dad messaged to check on progress and ask if I needed a hand. Perfect. He was over in a jiffy and we soon had the crate manhandled into the workshop. Job Done!

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