7.9.5 to 7 Match drill & debur ailerons

An email arrived from Vans Aircraft this week to let me know that my flat pack Fuselage has been collected by the shipping company and is due to arrive in the UK around mid March! Ooh, that’s really motivated me to get this wing done asap. Looking around the workshop today it doesn’t look like there’s much left to do but as we saw earlier this week, the simplest instructions in the manual can be days of work.

So the wing is ready now to have the bottom skins riveted on which I’ll do once my inspector gives the go ahead. The ailerons have been started and are next on the todo list. The flaps need to be done after ailerons, then the fibreglass wing tips and the wing will be finished. Timing wise, I think it will be pretty close completing the wings before the fuselage arrives if I keep up this current pace.

So today I match drilled all of the aileron parts. It took a surprising amount of time to drill everything but it all got done. I even broke out the long drill bit at one point.

Once all the drilling was done I disassembled everything and deburred all the holes. Yep, every single one… on both sides! Then I ran the scotchbrite pad over the holes again just to be sure. Lastly I used some MEK to remove all the printing and my pen marks from the aluminium.

That’s enough for today as the next step is to wash these parts ready for priming. I’ll do that when I expect some nice weather which, at the moment, there’s no sign of!

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