7.9.3 – 4 Make Aileron reinforcement plates & drill forward ribs to spar

I had read other blogs about how kindly Vans include 4 perfectly sized plates ready for deburring and drilling. So first thing I did was search for said plates. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I decided to check the instructions which said to make the plates from stock sheet aluminium. Hmm, perhaps my kit didn’t include the precut plates. Oh well, I set about making the plates from stock 0.040″ aluminium I had.

As I had a perfectly set up chop saw, I decided to use that to make the cuts.

Next, I marked a centre line along the length of the plate to align directly with the centre holes in the spars.

I aligned the lines with the spar and clamped the plates to the spars.

I then carefully match drilled everything until all the holes were drilled to the correct size. I then located the steel brackets and attached those and drilled to final size.

I then assembled as much as I could and match drilled the forward ribs to the spar. That makes lunch time.

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