7.9.2 Scuff right forward aileron parts & rivet nutplates to both skins

Someone said to me once, if you want to see the project finished do ‘something’ every day. I’m still waiting for parts to dry so I couldn’t think of much to do as wondered up to the workshop tonight. Once there I spotted all the Aileron parts that are in need of scuffing and deburring. I’d normally do this after match drilling but, with those words buzzing round my head, I decided to do it tonight instead.

Unbelievably, that took 1.5 hours to do and still the left aileron is waiting to be done! After that I thought I’d tackle something a little less boring. I located the nutplates for the wing skins that will hold the access panels in place and dimpled each one of the 32 nutplates, twice!

I then applied JC5A jointing compound and cleco’d them in place and riveted them in place using the hand squeezer. Once one side of the nutplate was riveted I removed the clecos and riveted the other side.

Next I cleco’d the skin back on the wing, mainly to keep it safe and out of the way. Then I couldn’t resist finding the panels and screwing them into place.

Not a bad nights work considering I really didn’t have anything planned to do!

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