7.9.1 & 7.11.3 Prepare Aileron Stiffeners and finish drilling large push rods

I’m waiting for a good weather day so I can prime the last of the wing structure parts. The list of jobs left to do on the main wing structure is running low so I decided to break out the parts for the Aileron and make a start on that. The very first job is to tackle the stiffeners. Vans gives you 8 strips of aluminium drilled and pressed but these need to be cut and trimmed to size to make 32 stiffeners.

It was pretty much identical to the rudder stiffeners. Once that was done I spent an eternity on the scuff wheel deburring these puppies.

Next I grabbed the rear aileron skins and remove the blue vinyl to get the best possible fit for the new stiffeners.

Once the blue vinyl was removed I started clecoing all the stiffeners to the skin for match drilling.

The problem with clecoing a large skin like this is that it’s very easy to forget your finger is behind the skin holding the stiffener in place. It’s super easy to stab yourself between fingernail and skin. Ouch!

Lastly I finished drilling the rods and rodends and called it a night after that.

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