7.8.2 Scarf inboard right skin, drill flap brace & clean left parts for priming

My sister popped over this afternoon and wanted to check on progress of the build. As I was giving her a tour of the workshop I accidentally found tools leaping into my hand.

First, quick task was to scarf the right inboard skin where it overlaps with the outboard skin. This needs to be done the same way the top skins were done to help airflow in that area.

I fitted the skins to the frame several times to check fit and adjust. In the end, it looked good.

After that I drilled the flap brace to the skins and then dismantled everything.

My sister also helped me clean all the parts in the Alkaline cleaner and hung them on the washing line in the workshop to dry ready for priming.

Overall a good session, even more so as it was unexpected.

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