7.8.2 Priming top wing skins

I was desperate to get the top wing skins primed but it was far too cold, windy and occassionally snowy outside to prime anything. I came up with the idea of clearing out the old coal shed and using that as a temporary spray booth. I’d done some priming in here before but I’d never left parts overnight. The wing skins are so big they cannot be moved while wet so need to be left to dry in the shed.

Another problem is that there is not enough room to lay out the skins on tables. My dad had a genius idea of mounting some wooding battons on the wall and using 1mm nails to hang the skins. It worked a treat…

Now the skins are sat ready I put a heater in the shed to keep temperatures up to a reasonable level. The next job was to mix some PR30B adhesion primer and suit up.

Once the wash primer was shot we had a coffee break to let it dry and then came back and shot the PR143 sealing primer. No pictures of the actual priming act as it’s not really possible to do given the suit and the work. Once I finished priming I took a picture of the result.

That’s it for the priming phase for these 4 skins. I’ll leave the heater on overnight and let these panels cure in the shed.

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