7.8.2 Priming the Leading Edges

It’s been a long time since I last did any spray painting so I was a little apprehensive about this. So first I did a little refresher research. I found this very useful guide for making sure the spray gun was correctly set up…

Once the gun was set up and ready to go I setup a table and the hanger ready to hold the parts while I sprayed them.

Next i mixed 500ml of PR30B wash primer. Once it had sat long enough as per the instructions I poured it into the spray gun via a filter. I was ready to go so I donned my paper suite and face mask and sprayed the parts. I forgot how much wash primer runs. Not a problem but I’m sure I can do better next time.

While the wash primer was drying I mixed up some coffee and then some PR143 epoxy primer. It didn’t take long to prime the parts with the top coat primer and they were soon hanging up in the workshop drying (curing?). That’s it for today, nothing more can be done until these items are dry.

Skins are stood on some 2×4 blocks to let them dry.

Not a bad session, except that one of the skins fell into the other and the primer has rubbed off. No big deal I have some spray can primer that I can use when it’s dry if need be.

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