7.8.2 Prepping the top wing skins for priming

What follows in this post is a collection of sessions of work. I had a stinking cold this week so I did what I could in between feeling groggy.

The first session involved roping my long suffering better half into holding the inboard skins as I dimpled the skins.

She did a great job and it was fantastic to have some company for a change. She wasn’t best pleased when she spotted this though…

Oops! Lol! A few days later I found my Dad lurking with intent so I roped him in to helping prep the outboard skins.

Again, really great to have some company. Once the dimpling was done on both inboard and outboard skins I was then ready to clean the skins for priming. I’d already scuffed the side to be primed so next it was time to wash off the aluminium residue with Polyfiber 310 Alkaline cleaner and a green scotchbrite pad.

After giving it a good scrub we then hosed it down with tap water and repeated the scrubbing wherever it looked like it needed it.

What’s really interesting is that, after hosing it down, you can see the water being repelled by invisible grease. This next picture has the right side scrubbed but not the left side. It was then hosed. Within a second or two you can see where the water is dispersing from the metal by the hidden grease. Scrubbing it with the cleaner and a green scotchbrite makes the water stick much better.

Once all four top side wing skins had been scrubbed clean I stood them upright in the workshop to dry before painting.

That’s it for now, I just need to wait for these to dry. The workshop is heated and well insulated so it should dry overnight even in the near 0 temperatures we are having this week.

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