7.8.2 Drill, debur & prep wing access plates

Some basic metalwork this morning. I fitted the bottom skins to the wing structure and then started putting screws in to hold the access in plates. Unfortunately while putting the second screw in the head snapped off leaving the screw in the nut plate!

It took me nearly an hour to get the screw out. I tried everything I could think of. In the end I drilled it with a very small hss drill bit and used a tile drill bit in reverse to unscrew the screw.

Once that was fixed I carried on and match drilled all 6 access plates.

Once the plates were all drilled I deburred each one. I did the same to the skin and then dimpled all the holes in both parts that needed doing.

After that I washed the access plates and skins ready for priming.

I hung all the parts up to dry ready to prime when we get a decent weather day.

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