7.8.2 Debur right outboard skin and dimple both left & right skins

I had the most fabulous morning going for a walk with Karma while the kids were at School. I treated her to a birthday lunch in a wonderful canal side restaurant. Lovely.

After lunch Karma sat reading in the workshop while I worked in the workshop. It’s real nice having company in the ‘shop.

I removed the blue vinyl from the outboard skin using my tried and tested rolling method.

After that it was another round of deburing the holes, edges and scuffing the priming side. Nothing interesting but all necessary.

After Karma left my brother popped round for a chat so, as is the rule, I put him straight to work helping me dimple both the left and right outboard skins. Very lucky he popped over as these skins are definitely too big for me to handle solo. Thanks bro!

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