7.8.2 Debur left outboard skin & fabricate pitot bracket

It’s new years day and everyone is recovering, chilling and preparing for what this year might hold. So what better way to start the year than by spending a few hours in the workshop.

Not a lot to report, I debured the left outboard skin which takes forever! It’s a tedious job but its got to be done. Nothing new here, just the same ol’ debur holes, edges and scuff for primer.

After that I decided to create a support bracket for the pitot mast out of scrap aluminium I had left over. I cut a piece on the band saw then finished it on the 3M wheel. I really wanted a neat fit on the bracket so I spent a bunch of time thinking about the best order to drill it. I settled on clamping it to the rib, fitting the pitot and wing skin then drilling the bracket. I cleco’d it in place then used the very long drill bit to drill the rib to bracket hole.

I was very pleased with the outcome. The SafeAir and Garmin instructions don’t require this but the Dynon instructions do. It seems to make sense to have it to take some of the stress off the skin.

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