7.8.2 & 8 Scarfed the wing joint corner and prepped inboard skins for priming

Working my way through the instructions and the next step is to chamfer the corner of both skins. This needs to be done because where the two skins overlap leaves them proud of the fuel tank. Because of the air flow direction this is a problem. Where the skins overlap they both need to be filed so they overlap nicely.

It was a fairly easy task. I masked off about 3″ in either direction of the corner and the filed the corner with the files until the corners where scarfed nicely. Once the skins where back on the wing they were no longer proud of the fuel tank.

Next it was time to prep the inboard skins for priming and final fitting. The first task was to sand off the guillotine cut marks using the orbital sander.

Next I rounded the edges of the skin using a piece of wood and sandpaper as a sanding block.

Next I deburred each of the holes on both sides of the skin using the debur tool.

Finally I scuffed the skin all over to give the primer a proper base to stick to.

Once the left skin was done I repeated the process all over again for the right skin! Such fun!

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