7.8.19 Countersink flap brace & pitot mast and move wings into trolley

After work today I spent some time prepping the last of the parts for the wing. There’s not much left of the main wing structure to prep.

One part that does need doing is the flap brace. It’s very easy to miss this step as it’s not in the instructions. The flap brace is actually sandwiched between the skin and flap piano hinge. For that reason it needs to be countersunk and not dimpled. So I countersunk both braces, scuffed them and then washed them in Alkaline cleaner ready to prime. I then hung them up to dry.

I also countersunk the pitot tube where it meets the skin but, like an idiot, I also countersunk the part of the mast that fits behind he spar and doesn’t need to be countersunk, Doh!

I gave it some thought and decided it’s best to make a doubler plate from scrap aluminium to support the mast where it’s riveted to the spar. It’s a bit extra weight but cheaper and faster than a whole new mast.

Finally, as my Dad was round, we lifted the wings into the wing trolley. Darn they lol good in there.

I did spot that the flush rivet on the left wing inboard Aileron bracket was not sitting flush. So after drilling out the rivet I attempted to set a new rivet but I think the hole is enlarged so it immediately folded over! I think I will need to drill it out again and fit a -5 rivet there instead.

Ah the joys! That’s for another day as that’s enough for now.

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