7.8.19 & 7.9.3 to 6 Rivet flap braces to wing and assemble ailerons

My Dad popped round again today to help me get the wings onto the bench. I need them on the bench to be able to rivet the flap braces on to the wing because doing it in the trolley or wing stand would be too difficult and risky. It didn’t take long to do. Once the first one was done we removed the other wing from the trolley and changed the two fixed castors to rotating castors to match the other two. We then swapped the wings and I riveted the right wing flap brace too. I also fixed a bad rivet my inspector and I discussed last week on the left aileron bracket. We then put both wings back in the trolley.

Next I deburred all the right aileron parts and then assembled everything ready for match drilling. It was now dinner time so I decided not to drill tonight. Instead I’ll leave it overnight and do it next time.

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