7.8.18 Aileron brackets

While the skins are still drying I had the opportunity to spend some more time in the workshop so I decided to make a start on the Aileron attach brackets. I located the bag of bits and instructions.

I also remembered to find include the parts for the SB 16-03-28 service bulletin which calls for reinforcing these brackets. I prepped the parts and combined them for match drilling and countersinking where needed.

I tested the parts on the wing to make sure they fitted. I had to make some minor adjustments to help seat the brackets better but otherwise they fitted fine. However, when I fitted the service bulletin parts I immediately spotted a problem.

In that picture you can see the silver parts are very close to the holes in the green spar. The blue skin needs to be riveted to the green spar but there is no way I will be able to get a bucking bar in there. It’s a tough job riveting this bit as it is. It’s going to be a hole lot tougher with these reinforcements in the way. I deliberated over this for about an hour and I’m still not sure what the best solution is here. I think I will have to send Van’s Aircraft an email and ask their advice. For now I scuffed and labelled everything ready for priming.

That’s it for today. I’m now off to do some research on this and see what others have done.

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