7.8.18 – 21 Prime aileron brackets and fairings

The weather was good today so I had to make the most of that by diving into the workshop.

I quickly washed the parts for the right wing and then hung them up to dry. I then mixed some PR30B wash primer and let that sit for 45 minutes as per the instructions. Meanwhile, I setup the spray booth lighting, power and air. I also set up the gun. I then took the parts two by two into the booth, primed them and brought them back in to the workshop where it was warmer and they would dry faster.

Once the parts were primed with PR30B I left them to dry for an hour while I had a spot of lunch.

After lunch, I got back at it and primed the parts with the PR143 sealing primer.

That’s all I can do today. The workshop is warm enough to dry the parts in a couple of days so I guess I need to find something else to do for a while.

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