7.8.17 Finish autopilot wiring loom

I hate unfinished jobs so I was determined to finish this wiring loom today. The first job was to drill a hole in the wing rib for a nutplate to be fitted to act as local ground point.

Next I had to clean away some of the primer to make sure I got a very good ground contact. I did this by putting a bit of rolled up sandpaper in the cordless drill and running it for a few seconds. Then I dimpled the rib and nutplate and riveted it on.

I then fitted mate-n-lok pins to the ends of the wires and labelled all the circuits using the label machine and clear heat sink tubing. The open barrel crimp tool I’m using is rubbish so I ordered a better one from eBay.

Next I fitted grommets to each of the holes in the wing ribs where the wires would pass and then threaded the new wiring loom through. Finally I fitted the mate-n-lok connector.

At the other end I fitted the plug into the autopilot servo and screwed the ground wire to the rib.

Sadly there is no way to test my wiring until the main system has been fitted so fingers crossed that my first attempt was halfway decent.

Finally, I scribbled all the differences on my wiring diagram so I can print an updated sheet for the aircraft owners manual.

I actually really enjoyed the wiring. It made for a nice break from metalwork.

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