7.8.17 Autopilot wiring loom

The primed parts are still drying so I can’t do anything that creates dust or debris. For that reason I decided to make a start on the wiring loom for the Garmin GSA 26 autopilot servo. I’d already planned the wiring loom and the circuits needed. I’m going with a manual Aileron trim so I won’t be wiring the Autotrim feature into this servo.

I will also make this servo the end of the CANBUS circuit so that is less work too. In the end I only need the following circuits…

  • GMC307 Autopilot control panel – Shielded twisted pair
  • CANBUS network – Sheilded twisted pair
  • 14 volt power supply – Red 22 AWG
  • Ground – Locally grounded at airframe using Black 22 AWG
  • Autopilot disconnect – White 22 AWG

See, all pretty simple so I had a go. After a few hours I had the starts of my first wiring loom.

The instructions say that the green wires should be screwed to the casing of the plug but there are no screws supplied in the kit. Reading the tiny print says ‘builder supplied’!!! Aaargh, another tiny order from LAS then I guess.

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