7.8.11 Rivet right leading edge skin

I got my bi-annual medical renewed today which was no big deal other than it must be every 2 years now due to my age!

Feeling chuffed I thought I would mow the lawn before dinner. Shortly after starting the mower it coughed and cut out. Hmm, out of fuel probably so I poured more in only to watch it pour out the bottom of the fuel tank! Closer inspection showed me that the fuel pipe has split.

To fix the mower I popped into the workshop to look for some tubing that would do the job. I couldn’t find any but I did see the rivet squeezer sitting tantalisingly on the floor under the right wing.

That was it, I got distracted. So I sat on the mechanics stool and began to roll backwards while holding a pot full of rivets. Unfortunately the wheels of the stool caught on something and threw me backwards and onto the floor. Seconds later the rivets landed all around me too!!!

Talk about bad luck! I was ready to give up but picking up all the rivets calmed me down and so I thought I’d squeeze a few rivets anyway.

Before I knew it I had the entire skin of the right leading edge riveted to the main spar and with only minutes to spare before going out for dinner.

I must have used up my bad luck for the day in one go as the rest of the evening went without a hitch.

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