7.8.11 Rivet right leading edge to main spar

Richard popped over again today and helped get the right leading edge ribs riveted to the spar today. Just like the previous post where we worked on the left leading edge this job is impossible to do alone. The person bucking needs to get their arms deep inside the leading edge.

We also managed to fix the bad hole that was a result of drilling out the bad rivet. We drilled the hole to 5/32 using a #21 drill bit which tidied up the hole very nicely. While discussing which pop rivet to purchase I remembered that I might have some AN470AD5 rivets in my supplies. I checked and sure enough I did though they were longer than we needed. I used my rivet cutter to cut them down to size and Richard and I bucked the rivet which worked great. Very pleased with the result.

With that done I can update my little diagram and colour another section green. Yay!

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