7.8.1 Dismantled the wing stand

My Dad happened to be over this evening and even cooked us all a lovely (chicken and rice) dinner. So what to do when someone has been so kind? Take advantage and ask for help with the airplane build of course!

I’m planning on building a wing trolley as per the plans to store the wings long term but I need the timber from the wing stand to do so. As the opportunity presented itself I asked Dad to help me unload the wings from the stands onto the benches and the floor temporarily until I build the trolley. Together we had the wings off in no time and Dad immediately started dismantling the frame too…

FYI, the wings are surprisingly light, I’d guess at around 20 to 30Kg as they are. Literally minutes later the frame that had served me so well for nearly two years was flattened…

Wow, the workshop looks big without that massive frame in there!

I’ll tidy up the left over bits and build the trolley later in the week! I thought about roping Dad in to it tonight but I didn’t want to overdo my cheekiness in one night!

Thanks Dad. Love ya! 😋

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  1. Just wanted to say you’re doing a great job with these updates.
    I’ve started an RV7 (empennage so far almost complete) and am finding your updates informative and motivating! Good luck and hope to meet you one day.

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